We need to ask more of
our cities.

The majority of the world’s population lives in cities and therefore our cities have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing.  In this context, why shouldn’t we plan and design our cities to make us healthier in every way?

The healing process in the human body is the ability to rebuild, repair and regenerate cells; regeneration in this case draws upon the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself. What would it then mean for a city to be “healed,” and what methods and processes would support cities to facilitate healing? Is it possible to have cities that then, in turn, can heal and take care of us?

Healing Cities is an integrated approach to planning and design for the natural and built environment that values holistic health and wellness of people and ecosystems. It explores how to address planning processes and design of our living environments to keep us healthier and more whole.

8 Dimensions of a Healing City

  1. Whole Communities

  2. Conscious Mobility

  3. Restorative Architecture

  4. Thriving Landscapes

  5. Integrated infrastructure

  6. Nourishing food systems

  7. Supportive Society

  8. Healthy prosperity


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